Business Housing

Beer Sheva is well known as the capital city of southern Israel and therefore serves as a main hub for a very large and diversified business community. For the past three years we have hosted hundreds of international and local business men and women coming to Beer Sheva for numerous reasons. Ha'baitBe Chain which runs and manages HabaitBe Matityahu, University Apartments and The Ottoman House Boutique Apartment Hotel has vast business connections and affiliations all across the country which might be able to assist our business travelers to conduct their business. 
Ha'baitBe Chain also specialize in longer-term corporate accommodation on hand in the Beer Sheva area for consultants or employees of International companies. As such, the chain offers turnkey logistical solutions in support of the enterprises, corporate activities in southern Israel, and so that their relevant consultants and re-assigned employees can focus on doing their delegated jobs, rather than on having to deal in addition with the myriad hassles involved with relocating to Israel.