Medical Tourism

In recent years we have noticed a big rise in medical tourism coming to the Soroka Medical Center. According to the large increase in the number of tourist coming to Soroka for various reasons, Ha'baitBe Chains’ management has put on itself to provide them with high-end costume made accommodation solutions. HabaitBe Matityahu and University Apartments complexes are conveniently located just across the Soroka Medical Center, 10 min walking distance and 2 minutes' drive. These apartments are the best option location and accommodation vise for anyone coming to visit the Soroka Medical Center. Visitors who are coming for long periods will find a fully furnished apartment where one can live conveniently and have a place to call home while away from home. Also important to note is the fact that we truly understand the special circumstances in which the guest are staying with us and as such we have a very flexible cancelation policy available for them especially. 

5-10 minutes’ walk from Medical Center front gate